Andrea K Lawson

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Hi Andrea, Your work is so colorful, vibrant, and make me feel joy and the need to dance. You are an amazing artist. Please keep me updated with your coming shows. Yours truly, Yael Zahavy-Mittelman
Yael Zahavy-Mittelman - 7 Oct 2017
Delightful illustrations.
Joan Franklin - 9 Aug 2015
It was fun finally meeting you. Your artistry brings great happiness!
zoe Borkowski - 31 Jul 2014
Love your juicy paint and lush color. Lovely! Amy Armitage
Amy Armitage - 9 Oct 2013
I am particularly enthralled with your beach scenes. Love them. Joyce
Joyce Prigot - 28 Sep 2013
Wonderful work! Inspiring work! Makes me want to clean my yard, plant lots of flowers, design and build a water fountain for the birds and sirens!
Bill Davis - 19 Mar 2013
Hello Andrea, Enjoyed very much the evening with you and your lovely mother on the Gallery Walk.
Daniel A Kirkpatrick - 23 Feb 2013
Hi there...Happy New Year!
Bill Davis - 1 Jan 2013
Hi..I own a oil painting that I purchased in 1975 or so at a New York City gallery. It is signed K. Andrea. It is a impressionist oil of a wooded country scene with a man and woman, with an umbrella, standing near the edge of a small river and looking at a bridge. Are you or a family member familiar with this beautiful painting? Bill Twibill, Concord, NH
William Twibill - 27 Nov 2012
Hi Andrea, Love the website and your beautiful art.. thanks for sharing... Janie
Janie Nelson-Clark - 10 Jan 2011
You have been a major presence in two of my recent dreams.
Sara Ybarra Lopez - 26 Nov 2010
Andrea, I enjoyed beginning my day looking at your beautiful artwork. This morning, I especially liked the fireworks.
Lisa Crosby - 13 Sep 2010
Beautiful work! So happy to "discover" such a talented member of our family. Are your daughters as artistic as you? Hope to see your artwork when we're in Seattle. Love, Walter & Audrey
Audrey & Walter Kosman - 24 Dec 2009
Andrea, you have a wonderful talent! Thank you for sharing it with me. All the best to you, Lorelei
Lorelei McBroom - 6 Dec 2009
This is a beautiful site, Andrea. I am in awe of you, it is most impressive. I love the painting that you have with your statement. Should there be a name there for it, I wonder? Also, maybe you should have me take a portrait of you someday! Thank you for visiting my site, too!!!! See you Saturday!!!! julie
Julia McHugh - 22 Jan 2009
I find your work very refreshing, a free painting style. The Whitney Gardens is new for me, I like it. Good work Andrea, hope to see more.
Daniela Ionesco - 11 Jan 2009
Hi Andrea, I just checked out your work---very nice. I love the colors. See you Tues.---Debi
debi avery - 21 Nov 2008 affirming.
Eileen Dermody - 12 Apr 2008
nancy sokolove - 27 Mar 2008
Always a visual feast to see you beautiful and exuberant work!
Suzinn Weiss - 4 Mar 2008
Your artwork is absolutely fantastic. We loved all of them.
Ronna and Ted Joseph - 17 Feb 2008
Hey, just thought I'd drop in and take a look at your space and say hello. :)
amy huddleston - 29 Jul 2007
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