Andrea K Lawson
Fine Art and Illustration

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Delightful illustrations.
Joan Franklin - 9 Aug 2015
It was fun finally meeting you. Your artistry brings great happiness!
zoe Borkowski - 31 Jul 2014
Love your juicy paint and lush color. Lovely! Amy Armitage
Amy Armitage - 9 Oct 2013
I am particularly enthralled with your beach scenes. Love them. Joyce
Joyce Prigot - 28 Sep 2013
Wonderful work! Inspiring work! Makes me want to clean my yard, plant lots of flowers, design and build a water fountain for the birds and sirens!
Bill Davis - 19 Mar 2013
Hello Andrea, Enjoyed very much the evening with you and your lovely mother on the Gallery Walk.
Daniel A Kirkpatrick - 23 Feb 2013
Hi there...Happy New Year!
Bill Davis - 1 Jan 2013
Hi..I own a oil painting that I purchased in 1975 or so at a New York City gallery. It is signed K. Andrea. It is a impressionist oil of a wooded country scene with a man and woman, with an umbrella, standing near the edge of a small river and looking at a bridge. Are you or a family member familiar with this beautiful painting? Bill Twibill, Concord, NH
William Twibill - 27 Nov 2012
Hi Andrea, Love the website and your beautiful art.. thanks for sharing... Janie
Janie Nelson-Clark - 10 Jan 2011
You have been a major presence in two of my recent dreams.
Sara Ybarra Lopez - 26 Nov 2010
Andrea, I enjoyed beginning my day looking at your beautiful artwork. This morning, I especially liked the fireworks.
Lisa Crosby - 13 Sep 2010
Beautiful work! So happy to "discover" such a talented member of our family. Are your daughters as artistic as you? Hope to see your artwork when we're in Seattle. Love, Walter & Audrey
Audrey & Walter Kosman - 24 Dec 2009
Andrea, you have a wonderful talent! Thank you for sharing it with me. All the best to you, Lorelei
Lorelei McBroom - 6 Dec 2009
This is a beautiful site, Andrea. I am in awe of you, it is most impressive. I love the painting that you have with your statement. Should there be a name there for it, I wonder? Also, maybe you should have me take a portrait of you someday! Thank you for visiting my site, too!!!! See you Saturday!!!! julie
Julia McHugh - 22 Jan 2009
I find your work very refreshing, a free painting style. The Whitney Gardens is new for me, I like it. Good work Andrea, hope to see more.
Daniela Ionesco - 11 Jan 2009
Hi Andrea, I just checked out your work---very nice. I love the colors. See you Tues.---Debi
debi avery - 21 Nov 2008 affirming.
Eileen Dermody - 12 Apr 2008
nancy sokolove - 27 Mar 2008
Always a visual feast to see you beautiful and exuberant work!
Suzinn Weiss - 4 Mar 2008
Your artwork is absolutely fantastic. We loved all of them.
Ronna and Ted Joseph - 17 Feb 2008
Hey, just thought I'd drop in and take a look at your space and say hello. :)
amy huddleston - 29 Jul 2007
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