Andrea K Lawson
Visual Artist

Andrea K. Lawson

Nouveau Art Show, Studio 103, Tashiro Kaplan Building, Pioneer Square, Seattle, WA

"Andrea’s paintings evoke a spirit of freedom, movement, and expressiveness while remaining fresh, energetic, and luminous. Andrea layers the oil paints in her Edge of Day series in broad gestures, one color over another. The compositions are balanced by areas in which the eye is allowed to rest, and through this device Andrea is able to achieve subtle environmental nuances with a minimum of strokes." Nancy L. Carcione, BA Art History. Nancy has worked in the curatorial department of major museums since the 1980's. 

Andrea’s vibrant artwork inspired by nature, expressionism and dance has been exhibited in Seattle, New York City, L.A. and Paris.

This artist lives and breathes color.  The coastal light and colors of sea and sky inform her abstract landscape paintings, Light Hours.  New York Artist/Instructor Carla Aurich writes, “The expressive building and scraping of paint becomes a witness to time and explores weather patterns and atmospheric conditions of a single moment… a portal to an enchanted environment...we are summoned through the portal into a lush landscape to engage with the wonders of the natural world.” Carla Aurich, (Artist and Instructor)

Andrea is the recipient of the King County Arts Commission, Art Port Townsend and Helena Rubenstein Foundation awards. Her work can be found in numerous private and public collections such as The Cape Museum of Fine Art, Jefferson Museum of Art and History and Ronnebaeksholm Arts & Culture Centre, Denmark. She received her MFA from Parsons New School Design, New York.

Lawson’s Public Art, Brain Beauty, Beauty Brain was recently installed in the Camano Island Library, Washington.