Andrea K Lawson
Visual Artist

My Story


Before I was born, my grandfather, one of the Hollywood Ten, was jailed for refusing to answer questions about his political beliefs during the McCarthy hearings, resulting in FBI tailings of family members. The Blacklist deeply affected my family and contributed to my passion to create a better world of social justice and environmental protection through art.

My studio rests on the oldest continually inhabited land overlooking Port Townsend Bay, Washington State. When I first married my husband and moved here, from the city, my art life became very difficult. I was so far away from career opportunities. On top of juggling money-work, art-work and family, I had to travel and take ferries just to go to Seattle. I mentioned, that we overlook the bay, but to be clear, high tide can flood our shop and yard. One year, when I was pregnant with our first daughter, our front porch floated away in a storm. However, living on the water turned out to be an inspiring opportunity! I love color, light and movement and now have the opportunity to observe sea and sky. This gave birth to one of my current projects, Light Hours.

I create visual stories of woman power, nature, joy, rebirth, mystery and memory. For me, creating art is a way to appreciate the beauty and energy of our constantly moving world whether the wild nature of outdoor spaces, or human nature.

If you love nature, color, and connecting with the creative process, I invite you to stroll through my galleries and web links to discover more! 

Would you like to join me on my creative journey? Please Click Here to stay in touch with my studio happenings and learn fun ways to collect my art. I believe that art is for everyone and enriches our lives!

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Sincerely yours,

Andrea K. Lawson