Andrea K Lawson
Visual Artist


(posted on 6 Feb 2020)


Art, dance, theatre and poetry  collide in this multimedia exhibition about freedom of expression, Rite of Spring, history, and more!  Tickets at: Key City Public Theatre

This weekend is your last chance to see the show! The opening was great success and I would love all my friends and followers to see this show that we have been working on for so long!

Visions in Motion 2020 pulls together threads of art and history from 1920-2020 to celebrate the power of expression over oppression; renewal over decay; and light over darkness. In this multimedia installation, painting collides with theater, dance, and music to defy the bounds of conformity and seek a sustaining rhythm of renewal. The installation will include an artistic interpretation of the expressionist play Roger Bloomer by John Howard Lawson, member of the Hollywood Ten; a new dance choreographed by Heather Hamilton investigating cycles of change and renewal; original poetry; and costumes, sets, and an exhibit of new artwork Andrea K. Lawson. Through the common theme of the Rite of Spring ballet, we will draw a line between a play written in 1920 and artwork being created in 2020, exploring the cycles of decay and renewal that permeate the world while considering freedom of speech and how our voices participate in or change those cycles.  As a whole, our project explores creativity, freedom of speech and social and environmental  justice and renewal. 

See you this weekend at

Premier my new Rite of Spring art at the show!